Sugar Bugs – Halloween Edition.


Let’s Be Real.

The spooky season is approaching fast! As much as we love eating all those yummy candies, we also have to be aware of the creepy crawly sugar bugs that can come with those delicious treats. In general, we know that candy isn’t the best thing for our teeth and that typically we shouldn’t eat it in large amounts, but we can’t really avoid candy completely during this season, right? We want you to be able to enjoy your Halloween candy this season and make sure that your teeth are nice and healthy, so here’s some information and facts to keep in mind this next month-

Tips & Tricks.

  1. Be Cautious of Gummies and Sticky Candies. These yummy treats tend to get stuck in between your teeth or hide in the crevices of your teeth. Since these candies are harder to get out of your teeth, they can cause tooth decay, especially if you don’t brush your teeth.
  2. Sugar-Free Candies Could Be a Good Option. Sugar is one of the main factors that cause cavities so eating sugar-free candies could help keep your teeth nice and clean.
  3. Brushing and Flossing Your Teeth is Key. You can’t expect your room to be tidy if you don’t clean it. Same goes for dental hygiene! Your teeth can only stay clean if you brush and floss every day. During this Halloween season, it’s especially important to take extra good care of your teeth.


Sugar-Free? Yes!

Sugar bugs can be kind of spooky but don’t be scared! You can fight off those sugar bugs by being aware of the types of candy you eat and through proper dental hygiene.

We’ve found a couple of links to some of our favorite sugar-free alternative.

Sugar-Free Gummies

Sugar-Free Jams & Jellies


Author – Riley Sue

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