2017 most popular toys are….

Christmas morning

Once again, it is that time of the year to be with our loved ones and spread words of cheer. So here is a blog full of this year’s best toys that are on the lists of all the girls and boys!


Board Games


These board games are great — they’re second to none! You’d be giving the gift of endless fun. Your children will laugh in delight with Soggy Doggy, Greedy Granny and Pie Face in sight!  Need something challenging for your older ones? Give Harry Potter or Code Names a go for hours of fun!


You won’t be feeling any regrets when buying some of these Lego sets!

Drive around town with the Ultimate Batmobile, Or the Caterham Seven — they’re both a steal! Minecraft brings to life The Waterfall Base, and the Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer can take you to space! The Lego Friends Snow Resort Ski Lift has several parts, all of these Legos are a work of art!


Interactive Toys

These toys can do things like sing, dance, and play.  They’ll be loved and played with everyday. Teddy Ruxpin makes several new faces, And take Luvabella Baby Dolls to all sorts of places! FurReal Friends, Hatchimals, and Fingerlings all feature animals that can do cool things!


Video Games

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the lastest video game under the tree! There’s Super Mario Oddessy, Injustice 2, or assemble the crew in Battlefront 2.  Bring the squad to play Legend of Zelda The Breath of the Wild or even Destiny 2!


Dr. Jeff Special: Star Wars!

If you know Dr. Jeff, he’d tell you, of course, that Parents who buy these are ‘strong with the Force!’  The Jedi Challenges test your skills, While the Master Lightsaber will  bring you thrills!  Droid Invetnor Kits will show off your creative side, And App-Enable Droids will take your for a ride! The Elecronic Stuffed Porg is sure to catch your eye. Be sure to go see them in The Last Jedi!


Merry Christmas from #TeamWeideman!



Author – JJ Sue



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