Top 5 #TeamWeideman DIY Family Favs

If you’re feeling a little crafty, there are many projects to choose from.  Why not pick a craft that is not only fun to create but also fun to use?! Here are our Top 5 DIY (do-it-yourself) projects that are great for the whole family.

Paper Bookmarks

If your family loves to read, then DIY paper bookmarks are a great and simple way to spark your reading experience!  This DIY project allows room for creativity and expression by choosing what your bookmark will look like. It also only takes a small number of materials.

Homemade PlayDough

PlayDough is fun for everyone but if you feel too cool to play with PlayDough, you might enjoy the process of making it.

Duct Tape Fidget Spinners

We loved the originals, we loved the spin-offs (no pun intended), we loved the lego versions, and now we love the duct tape spinners!  You can customize your own fidget spinners with any kind of duct tape you like.


Decorate Your Own Mug

There is so much room for creativity with this project, but here are a couple that stand out!  Mugs are fun to decorate and can also be used for drinking, cooking, decorations, etc.

Make Your Own Bath Bombs

This one is for the people who want to relax.  It requires a little more coordination, but the end product is rewarding.



author: Riley Sue


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