Snack Stadiums & Snack Stations – Bring your next party to life!

Dust off your hot glue guns & bring your next party to life with a Post-Worthy Snack Station! Our dentists created unique snack stations for any event – Inspiration can be found anywhere, even a dental office!

Farm To Fork

Your friends and family will love diving into a Farm To Fork Barn filled with local produce!  Simple construction made of poster board, paper cups, popsicle sticks, a little paint, and a few color markers.

Stranger Things: Demi-GORGE-on

This will test your friends’ faith! Will they dare dip their hand in the Demogorgon’s mouth for a treat?  Simple supplies: a box, foam ball, and foam board. Fill it with candies or Halloween prizes!  Clever!


SuperBowl Snack Stadium

This snack stadium will definitely be a sweet tooth crowd pleaser! A shoe box and posterboard brought this stadium structure together.  We hear the Sue Snack Stadium was a big hit with the #TeamWeideman staff!

Chinese New Year – The Forbidden City

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2019 – the year of the pig! Although the pig has been regarded as lazy and gluttonous (which makes a snack station ideal, lol), this upcoming year he should bring you wealth!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Celebrate your bountiful harvest with this adorable Thanksgiving snack station! Everything was found at the dollar tree, Ya gotta love that place!


Bun In The Oven birth announcement!

#TeamWeideman was not ready for this.  Dr. Chris chose the perfect opportunity to announce that Lee #2 is on the way – You can expect this bundle to arrive Feb 16th!


Hope we inspired you to craft, create, and celebrate! #TeamWeidemanDIY

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