Create Your Own Zen

Create Your Own Zen

By: Riley Sue

With the new year here and fresh beginnings on the mind, people find themselves adding new routines or activities into their lives.  Although goal-setting is a great way to take advantage of the new year, people also tend to forget to allow themselves time to breathe and decompress.  If you would like to implement relaxing habits or activities into your life this year we have a few tips for you!

Set aside a relaxing space

The first step to being able to relax is to build an environment that allows you to do so.  This may look different to many people. I am personally a fan of minimalistic or simple rooms with lots of natural lighting.  Others might enjoy dimly lit and cozy vibes for their place of refuge. Design your space to fit your needs and ultimately provide an ambiance that reflects a relaxing style.  If you need a little inspiration, my favorite place to look is Pinterest!


Use essential oils

Essential oils have been increasing in popularity for a very good reason–they can assist in improving moods and energy levels.  Different aromas are associated with different benefits. Make sure to do some research on which oil you should purchase to ensure that you get the best aromatherapy for you.  Essential oils can be purchased at drug stores, grocery stores, as well as online websites like amazon.


Accessorize your space

Add some personality to your space through smaller decorations.  Items like succulents, candles, or your favorite cup of tea are great additions to make your space even more enjoyable and relaxing.  Whether you are painting, journaling, meditating, or playing an instrument, customize your area to reflect your comfort zone. Decorations can be found almost anywhere–from Target to Walmart to local businesses to online shopping, your style can be found in stores surrounding you.


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