Halloween 2020-Spooky Myths About Dentistry

By Carly Tse

With the spooky season in full swing, here are some myths about dentistry that every parent should know!

  1. Kids don’t need to brush their baby teeth

Early childhood caries is associated with poor long-term health outcomes. It is important to make sure that your child is brushing their teeth twice a day!

  1. Kids don’t need to floss their baby teeth

Although baby teeth do not have contacts between each tooth, it is important to teach your child how to get in the habit of flossing their teeth. Establishing good oral hygiene practices at a young age can help your child develop a routine for when their adult teeth start coming in.

  1. Brushing your teeth harder cleans better

Brushing your teeth with lots of force can actually hurt your gums! Be careful! Applying a soft amount of pressure and moving in a circular motion will give you and your child the best clean. If you need a refresher on how to brush your teeth, don’t be afraid to ask your dentist!

  1. Teen gum disease only affects your mouth

Wrong! Gum disease, otherwise known as periodontal disease, is actually associated with many systemic diseases such as heart disease, respiratory disease, obesity, and chronic kidney disease.

  1. White teeth are healthy teeth

Teeth come in all different shades and sizes. It is normal to have staining on your teeth over time! If you are concerned about the shade of your child’s teeth or your teeth, consult a dentist about it.

Vampires and Canines

Did you know… the maxillary (upper) canines are the longest teeth in the mouth!

These spooky teeth are classically seen on vampires in movies such as Dracula, Twilight, and Hotel Transylvania. The history of the vampire starts all the way back to the beginning of the Renaissance. As the plague spread from town to town, the disease left behind a peculiar bleeding mouth lesion on it’s victims. This symptom was deemed as a sure sign of vampirism! Legend has it that the upper canines were the teeth that left bloody lesions on the victims of the plague. Fun fact: In snakes, canines are also referred to as “fangs” because they are associated with the venom gland!

Dentistry Themed Halloween Crafts

Spice up your baby pumpkins with teeth! Just cut a hole in the lower half of the pumpkin and insert a plastic vampire teeth! Ghoulish and spooky, the perfect fall accessory for a desk or kitchen space.

Send a big message, with some simple text! Paint the base of the pumpkin your favorite color, then add letters using black paint or stickers. This clean design is perfect for sending a spooky reminder to take care of your teeth while indulging in Halloween candy!

History of Disability Awareness in Dentistry

Here at Weideman, we are proud to declare that we are advocates for our patients with special health care needs. Check out this article about the history of disability awareness in dentistry, written by Carly Tse, one of our former dental assistants who is now in dental school at Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health! Tse states, “The standard of care for treating patients with disabilities is forever evolving. Although we have come a long way in disability awareness, this is just the beginning of our profession’s journey”.

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