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The Best of Buzzfeed Quizzes by Riley Sue

We’ve all done it, there’s no need to be ashamed.  We’ve all gotten sucked into a virtual blackhole of completing BuzzFeed quiz after BuzzFeed quiz after yet another BuzzFeed quiz.  Even though I’m pretty sure picking my favorite color and tv show doesn’t accurately tell me what kind of pasta dish I am, I somehow continue to go back to more BuzzFeed quizzes.  Here are a few of my current favorites if you find some extra time on your hands.

Build The Apartment of Your Dreams And We’ll Reveal What City You Belong In.

I love this quiz because not only does this quiz let me design a beautiful apartment, but it also gives me my next travel destination.  Who’s coming to Paris with me?


This one is perfect to take with friends and family in the middle of your Harry Potter holiday movie marathon.  It’s almost as exciting as finding out which house you were sorted into!


Does your go-to coffee drink match your personality?  Or are you the opposite of what you thought you’d be?  Find out with just a couple of clicks.


Test your spelling!  But be warned, without autocorrect, these might be more challenging than you think


That’s enough quizzes for now, unless you want to continue down the endless path of finding out more random information about yourself.  Happy quizzing!

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